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FAMRO-LLC blog What are Embeddings and Embedding Databases

What are Embeddings and Embedding Databases

In the context of AI and natural language processing (NLP) specifically, embeddings refer to numerical representations of words, phrases, or sentences. These embeddings are designed to capture semantic meanings and relationships between words in a way that a machine learning model can understand and process.
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Swagger - A Great Way To Organize API Specifications

In the dynamic landscape of software development, effective communication between different services and systems is crucial. This is where API specifications play a pivotal role. This blog post explores Swagger, a powerful tool that simplifies the organization of API specifications, making the development process more efficient and streamlined.
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FAMRO-LLC blog about AI and LLMs
FAMRO-LLC blog what is scrum

What is Scrum

Scrum is a framework used in agile project management for organizing and managing complex work. It was originally developed for software development but has since been applied to various other fields. Scrum provides a structured yet flexible way for teams to collaborate and deliver incremental value. Let's explore its brief history, key principles and benefits.
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AI, LLM (Large Language Models) and their Applications - Part 1

AI and LLMs are the buzzwords that everyone is hearing these days. However most of the folks are really aware of the connection between them. LLMs allows developers to focus on businesss application logic while hiding complex technical details. The objective of this article is to demystify the connection between these very powerful tools and explore their application.
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FAMRO-LLC blog about AI and LLMs

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