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FAMRO LLC, your trusted partner for exceptional software development services. At FAMRO, we believe in a unique approach to software development that combines analysis, in-depth discussions with our clients, careful measurement, optimization, and timely delivery. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality solutions that address your specific needs, while ensuring a smooth and efficient development process. Unlike other software development companies, We believe in strong documentation and during every step of software development documentation creation is a part of the process.

At FAMRO, we understand that every client and project is unique. That's why we begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business requirements, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of your goals and objectives. We then engage in open and transparent discussions with you to ensure we are aligned with your vision from the very beginning. This collaborative approach allows us to assess the feasibility of your project, identify any potential challenges, and tailor our development process to best suit your needs.

At FAMRO LLC, our software development department excels in technical expertise. With a team of highly skilled engineers, we are proficient in working with a wide range of contemporary and advanced technologies. Additionally, our engineers are constantly upskilling themselves with training in optimization and infrastructure, ensuring the delivery of highly efficient and optimized code.

Case Study

Read how FAMRO-LLC team helped a US-based Office Automation and Bot SAAS provider to upgrade their white label custom BOT. They wanted to increase functionalities offered by their Bot while minimizing costs for their end users. Download the Case Study Here

Technologies/Frameworks we work with

Please find an abbrevated list of technologies, frameworks we work with. Please don't hesistate to contact us about your specific needs.

Web Frameworks / Programming Languages

Python 3



FastAPI Framework - Python

Django Framework - Python

Flask Framework - Python

Laravel Framework - PHP

Symfony Framework - PHP

CodeIgnitor Framework - PHP

Express Framework- NodeJS

NextJS Framework - NodeJS

Meteor Framework - NodeJS

Frontend Frameworks


Material UI




Fluent UI

Blade UI

Element UI


Web 3.0 Technologies and Frameworks

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Truffle Framework

Solana for NFT

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning ML / LLMs

LangChain Framework

LiteLLM Framework

Google Vertex AI


Azure AI Studio


Our solutions for your business growth

Our services enable clients to grow their business by providing customized technical solutions that improve infrastructure, streamline software development, and enhance project management.

Our technical consultancy and project management services ensure successful project outcomes by reviewing project requirements, gathering business requirements, designing solutions, and managing project plans with resource augmentation for business analyst and project management roles.

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Infrastructure / DevOps
Project Management
Technical Consulting